Delicious Meetha Paratha

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Delicious Meetha Paratha
Delicious Meetha Paratha

Delicious meetha (sweet) paratha recipe must try this recipe and leave your feedbacks in comment section.



  • For Delicious Meetha Paratha  

    Step 1:   Lets start with take a bowl and add flour, milk and water as required for making the mixture thin and smooth

  • Step 2:   Next take another bowl and beat eggs in it

  • Step 3:   Now slowly add baking powder, sugar and beat the mixture until it gets bubbles on the top

  • Step 4:   Next add the eggs mixture on the flour mixture and mix well

  • Step 5:   Finely take a pan and heat Clarified butter on low flame and then pour the mixture slowly on the pan and cook until paratha change color to brown from both sides and serve

Recipe Notes

  • For Delicious Meetha Paratha  

    Do not over cook paratha  

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