Aloo Bhari Mirchien

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Aloo Bhari Mirchien
Aloo Bhari Mirchien

Spicy Aloo Bhari Mirchien recipe for snack time in pakistan. You can serve aloo bhari mirchien with any kind of chutney, must try aloo bhari mirchien recipe once if you’re a snacks lover



  • Aloo Bhari Mirchien  

    Step 1:   Lets start with take a bowl and add boiled potatoes and mash them with help of fork

  • Step 2:   Next add red chilies, chaat masala, salt to taste, tamarind pulp , cumin seeds powder and mix it well

  • Step 3:   Next cut green chilies from center and mix little salt and leave it for few minutes then fill the potatoes mixture in the green chilies

  • Step 4:   Next take another bowl and add gram flour and make a mixture with help of water as required

  • Step 5:   Next heat the oil as needed on medium flame and dip green chilies in gram flour mixture and deep fry chilies

  • Step 6:   Finely dish out in a serving platter and serve hot with tomato Ketchup

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